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Toilet Spares
Toilet Spares

At Herts Plumbing Supplies aswell as a being a reputable supplier to domestic customers we have also been a long time supplier of toilet cistern spare parts to hotels, schools, leisure centers & office blocks all over the UK. We have a wide range of cistern parts in stock usually available for next day delivery if required.

We are specialist suppliers of Ideal Standard, Armitage Shanks, Thomas Dudley, Grohe and Geberit spares.

If you cannot find the cistern parts you are looking for then please do get in touch with us via email or by phone 01582 765062 and we will be glad to help.

Toilet Spares

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Macdee Wirquin One Dual Flush Valve 10120440

Height of cisterns (mm): 260 to 400
Diameter of cover hole (mm): 40
Mechanism base (inches): 2
Water saving: Dual flush
Control system: Mechanical
Top or Front mechanism: Top
Main characteristics: Adapt to the height of the cistern in one single movement
Works with 2" outlet cisterns

£23.99 Price
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Macdee Jollyfill Telescopic Bottom Entry Inlet Float Valve 1/2” Brass 10120029

Inlet end: 1/2''plastic or brass - 3/8" brass
Filling rate at 0,1 bars: 3.1 L/mn
Functioning range: 0.1 up to 16 bar
Resistant to peaks of pressure: Up to 20 bars
Water saving delayed action
Main characteristics:
Patented system against unreasonable tightening
Ultra quiet (17 decibels)
Eliminates water hammer

£16.80 Price
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Macdee Quick Fit Dual Flush Valve 10721505

Height of cisterns (mm): 270 to 440
Diameter of cover hole (mm): 14 to 58
Mechanism base (inches): 2
Water saving: Dual flush
Control system: Cable control
Top or Front mechanism: Top or Front
Main characteristics: Adjustable overflow
Works with 2" close coupled bolted cisterns

£31.13 Price
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